5 Alexa-Enabled Garage Door Openers [A Starters’ Buying Guide 2024]

If you’ve ever thought of having an Alexa-enabled garage door opener and haven’t settled on one yet or want to learn more about these fantastic solutions, here’s your complete guide.

Alexa-enabled garage door openers are very convenient. They allow you to monitor your door by asking your Amazon Echo or inquiring from your mobile device from any place worldwide. The voice option is replacing the remote control that had dominated the market for ages.

At face value, it may look like what makes Alexa-compatible garage door openers enviable is their top-notch technologies. They go beyond ‘shiny technologies,’ which is why they have become so popular.

This article explores various aspects, including why you should go for smart garage door openers, how to install them, and the criteria for selecting the best Alexa-enabled garage door openers.

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Why Should You Choose Alexa-Enabled Garage Door Openers?

The market is flooded with various garage door openers. Choosing the right one can be challenging. Let’s look at why owning a smart garage door opener is more than a good idea.

More Security

Over the recent past, garages have become a soft spot for thieves.  A damaged garage door opener is an open invitation to burglars. Smart doors have also become a target as online fraudsters try to hack garage doors.

However, when you select an Alexa-enabled garage door opener, your security fears become a thing of the past. Most doors with the Alexa option come with up-to-date security features that make it impossible for hackers to access.

They feature a security +2.0 code encryption that protects the door from hackers and a Posi Lock- anti-theft protection that ensures the door gets locked if you forget to close it. You sleep better knowing your garage and, by extension, your home is always protected.

Motor Power

The size of your motor power is directly proportional to the size of your gate size. Thus, for a garage door to operate effectively, the extension spring system must be perfectly balanced with the garage door’s weight.

If the two are not appropriately balanced and the springs fail, the door can shoot open and crush anything underneath it, posing a safety risk. Faulty garage doors are responsible for thousands of injuries and a couple of dozen deaths every year.

Garage doors for domestic use (apartments) have motors ranging from ⅓, ½ to ¾ HP, accompanied by 500 or 700 Newtons. The ½ HP is the most common in residential places. However, a higher power motor opens the garage door with less effort.

Power Backup

A battery backup is a crucial feature when you are selecting a garage door opener. In California, it is a requirement by law for residential garage door openers to have a power backup plan.

This law was enacted in July 2019 to reduce the incidents of people being trapped in garages during power outages. Although this law applies explicitly to garage doors installed after July 2019, you can add a backup battery to garages installed before the law took effect.

An alternative source of power will help you access your garage with ease during power outages. Most garage door openers that are compatible with Alexa come with a battery backup that makes the user compliant with the aforementioned California residence law.

A Wall-Mounted Push-Button

The push button is effective for people living in rented apartments with limited space and who want to utilize the space. This is because the garage door opener is fixed beside the door without the overhead gear.

Wall-mounted push buttons are also less likely to malfunction. This is because there are fewer moving parts hence less wear and tear. Most Alexa-enabled doors have this unique feature that will help you utilize your space more effectively.

How to Install an Alexa-enabled Garage Door Opener

There are six easy steps that you need to follow to install an Alexa-enabled garage door opener on your own. However, if you find it complicated, it is only prudent to seek the services of a certified technician.

Let’s go through the installation process: 

To activate the Alexa simple command, you need to

  • add the ‘kloee for SC skill.’
  • enable the skill.
  • The Simple Command credentials will be sent to you, allowing you to link your Simple Commands account.
  • Select the Simple Commands items or routines that you wish to use with Alexa.
  • Select ‘Enable Voice Companion.’
  • Enable, edit and save the commands you wish to enable for Alexa.
  • Tell Alexa to discover devices
  • Execute Simple Command via Alexa scene

How to Choose the Best Alexa-enabled Garage Door Opener

Are you in the market for a new garage door opener?  Smart garage door openers can open or close your door using voice command. You can also upgrade your old door opener into a smart one. Below are the factors to consider when selecting an Alexa-enabled garage door opener.

Compatibility with the Old Garage Door

If you are upgrading your older door garage door opener into a smart one, you should make sure that the device you are purchasing is compatible with the old garage door. You can ask a technician to guide you to ascertain whether the two are compatible. It will save you from buying a device that won’t add value to your garage.

Built-in Wi-Fi

When selecting an Alexa-enabled garage door opener, you should ensure that it comes with built-in Wi-Fi. This feature offers more functionality than Bluetooth. For instance, it will allow you to monitor your garage from anywhere, unlike the one connected to Bluetooth. You get alerts when the door opens and closes.

It Has the MyQ app

MyQ app allows you to monitor your garage on your mobile device from anywhere in the world. It allows you to program lights and control who can access your garage. The application provides real-time notifications on your garage door’s status. Additionally, you can quickly troubleshoot your garage door opener remotely in case of an error and resolve problems.

Top 5 Best Alexa-enabled Garage Door Openers Buying Guide

Unlike a decade ago, there are great Alexa-enabled garage door openers in the market today. The choice is down to your budget, features, and individual preference. Here are the top five Alexa-enabled garage door openers you should consider.

The NEXX Garage NXG-100B Alexa-enabled Garage Door Opener

Access your garage from the comfort of your car seat or any place across the globe. Additionally, this Nexx garage door opener lets its users control and monitor their garage doors online.


The NXG-100 boasts of the latest features in the market. It has built-in 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi that is compatible with most garage door openers. The voice commands can be integrated with popular voice recognition software such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and smartThings. The multi-user access feature allows you to add your family members or other trusted people to help you monitor your garage. It also has security encryption making it secure.


  • Opening or closing the door spontaneously using the app
  • You can activate your garage door so that it opens automatically when the device detects your car.
  • Nexx Garage is compatible with most garage door openers.
  • Real-time activity logging ensures that nothing goes unnoticed.


  • The installation process can easily get


If you are thinking of a pocket-friendly garage opener, then you should consider the NEXX Garage NXG-100. Despite having a rating of 4.0 on Amazon, it still has the latest features that make it easy to operate your garage door opener. It has the voice option that you need to speak to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and the door opens for you. It also has up-to-date security features that guarantee the security of your garage.

The Genie QuietLift Connect Alexa-Enabled Garage Door Openers

As the name suggests, this type of garage door opener is as quiet as they come. It makes them ideal for garage doors that are attached to living spaces. In addition to being noiseless, they compatible with Alexa and are easy to install. Below are the features which make them an excellent option for homeowners:


The QuietLift Connect has a ¾ HPC DC motor which runs smoothly and quietly. It can be easily connected to your home Wi-Fi, thus controlling your garage through your mobile devices. It is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, enabling users to control the door through voice commands. It comes with a Safe-T-Beam safety sensor that prevents accidents.


  • It is compatible with most smart home platforms giving users options.
  • The setup process is simple, making it easy to use.
  • The Aladdin Connect mobile app is available as a free download in most stores.
  • Sensors and the T-beam safety features protect people and things from being crushed or trapped by the door.
  • The powerful motor reduces wear and tear on the moving parts.


  • It lacks power backup and must be bought separately. It can not be shipped into California.
  • Light bulbs are not included and must be bought separately.


We recommend the Genie QuietLift Connect because of its outstanding features. However, California residents will have problems because the law requires all garage doors to have a power backup, a feature that is lacking here.

The Genie StealthDrive Connect Model 7155-TKV

The Genie StealthDrive Connect Model 7155-TKV is the big brother to the  Quietlift connect. It has a reinforcement of a steel belt drive that makes its performance smooth and noiseless. It is easy to install this device as it comes with a pre-programmed remote control.


The 7155-TKV has a  powerful  1 ¼ HPC DC motor that runs quietly. This motor is paired with a steel belt drive that makes its performance smooth and noiseless.  The whole setup comes with a 12V backup battery that ensures safety even during power outages. The robust battery can provide up to 50 cycles after a blackout. It can be controlled through the voice option as it is compatible with Alexa.


  • The powerful motor and strong belt drives produce less noise
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home
  • Share control with up to 3 users
  • It comes fully loaded with all the accessories, including three remotes.
  • The included power backup conforms with regulations in states like California.


  • Some users report weak Wi-Fi
  • You will need to buy a rail extension for an 8 ft garage door.


We recommend the 7155-TKV since it has the latest features that guarantee the security of your garage. Its biggest selling point is the powerful motor. It is surprisingly quiet and can be used in a garage nursery or bedroom. The availability of a backup battery means California residents can use this product without getting in trouble with the law.

The Gogogate 2 Alexa-enabled Garage Door Opener

With the Gogogate 2, your garage’s security is guaranteed.  What sets it apart is its ability to work with third-party software. This means you can hook it up with cameras for additional security. The camera allows you to follow the live happenings around the garage or recorded clips if you wish. Gogogate 2 is also compatible with Alexa that allows users to control their garage through the voice option. Below are other notable features.


Gogogate 2 is the only product that lets you control three garage doors simultaneously. It also comes with a storage backup that lets you store video footage when the internet is down. It has a remote controller that allows users to schedule their garage door events and also to close and open the door using a remote control. It’s compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing users to control their garage door using the voice command.


  • Relatively simple to install
  • Integration with IFTTT makes it easy to control the door with simple short commands.
  • You can control three garage doors with just one device without requiring additional hardware.
  • It comes with two-way audio and sound detection.
  • You can install cameras for the live monitoring of your property.


  • Installing cameras through third-party apps can be tedious.
  • You need to pay to access the video plugin features.


Gogogate 2 comes highly recommended if you want to control more than one garage door. Its integration with IFTTT means you do not have to say long voice commands. A simple “open” and “close” will suffice. However, some people may struggle to set it all up. Overall, it has a positive customer response from customers on Amazon; we recommend giving it a try.

The Garadget Alexa-enabled Garage Door Opener

The Garadget is unlike anything else in the market today. For starters, the software is open source. When it comes to the hardware, the device comes as a single component. There are no additional sensors. The gadget uses lasers to detect whether the door is open or closed. Despite the complex instructions, it works wonderfully once the setup is complete.


Although Garadget lacks an inbuilt logging system, it is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT. Since its open-source, it works with other lesser-known third-party platforms too. It can also be controlled from several devices, including smartphones, computers, smartwatches, and other integration services. Below are the pros and cons you should know about.



  • It can be controlled for several different devices, making it convenient.
  • The application is responsive.
  • Easy to install since it does not involve intricate wiring and mechanical assemblies.
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and other platforms.
  • Affordable compared to other options in the market.



  • The application drains the mobile battery very quickly.
  • The laser detection can be blocked, interfering with the accuracy.
  • Some users complained of the app stopping or crashing midway when operating the door remotely.


The Garadget is a cheap alternative for big brands. However, like most open-source products, it is a work in progress. We only recommend it if you are a DIYer. There are a lot of resources available on their forums. One fantastic thing – you do not need to replace the whole door since it is compatible with many garage door openers.

Best Alexa-enabled Garage Door Opener Winner: NEXX Garage NXG-100

Having reviewed our top five Alexa-enabled garage door openers, it’s time to pick out a winner, and it’s no doubt the NEXX Garage NXG 100 comes top. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. The NEXX Garage NXG-100 stands out both in features and pricing. Once you overcome the installation process, this device is solid as a rock. If you find the instructions confusing, you can always call in a professional.

Frequently Asked Questions about Alexa-enabled Garage Door Openers

In this section, we have compiled some of the questions that you probably have when it comes to Alexa-enabled Garage Door Openers:

Does Alexa Work with Garage Door Openers?

The latest garage door openers in the market are compatible with Alexa. You can also upgrade your existing garage door to work with Alexa. Before purchasing a garage door opener, you should go through the manufacturers’ description to ascertain Alexa compatibility.

Can Alexa control MyQ garage door?

Alexa does not directly control the MyQ garage door opener. Fortunately, there is a workaround. You can integrate the two using IFTTT. Once done, Alexa can control the MyQ garage door opener with ease. To connect the MyQ app to Alexa using IFTTT, you need to create a connection known as an applet. The next step is to group several tasks to be controlled by one command (routines). Alexa will control the garage by initiating any of the triggers.

How Do I Control My Garage Door with Alexa?

Alexa controls the opening and closing of the door via simple commands. You will need to have downloaded Simple Commands from the App store. The first step is selecting the commands and routines you want to use with Alexa. The next step is to enable the voice companionship feature. You can edit the commands at this point before saving them. Once saved, you can execute the commands by saying the command.

In Conclusion

We have looked at Alexa-enabled Garage Door Openers extensively – why you should go for them, the installation process, how to choose the appropriate one to suit your needs, and have reviewed some of the best options that you can find in the market.

It’s now time to pick your choice and get the best Alex-enabled garage door opener to upgrade your garage experience.

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