About Today’s Garage Owner

Jason Brendan

It’s great to see you here. I was wondering when you’d be here to know who is behind this awesome site 😊. I’m happy to see you here and glad you’ll learn something great during your time on this site.

Well, I’m Jason Brendan, a construction management expert with a Bachelor’s degree from the Colorado State University-Pueblo and a former hotelier. I’m also certified as a Master Remodeler by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). I’m excited to have founded this website.

My journey into the construction industry was something I still consider destiny. My grandfather was one of the great construction experts/consultants in the New Jersey area and I borrow a lot from him.

Back in the days, he would carry me in his van when he was out supervising different constructions sites and once in a while, he would sit me down and show me a lot of construction plans.

I enjoyed it, much like any young boy would enjoy learning from his grandpa. At one point, while being naughty, I joined about 9 dots to make a straight line and then connected one end to one side of a house plan he just received hours ago from his architect.

That was a real mess but thankfully, the construction team realized it early enough when reviewing the plan.

So, how did I end up writing and teaching people how to make their garages functional and fun?

Well, by necessity.

Some years ago, just after I married Julia, we moved to a new neighborhood. We had a very spacious garage but it was hardly complete. The floors were wasted, the walls cracked and the lighting was just pathetic.

All I wanted was to transform this whole space into something fun, functional, and well-planned out. The first hustle was finding a good garage door opener.

I knew nothing about how much horsepower would be able to handle the garage door or whether I needed a belt drive, chain drive, direct drive, or Jackshaft.

For a moment, I thought I could do it myself by just reading a few DIY blogs. I bet if you are hands-on like me, that thought isn’t farfetched. So, I tried.

Big mess. The guides and reviews I read almost cost me my life. The information was inaccurate, the products suggested hardly functional and the horsepower ratings I used could hardly move up the garage door.

Feeling stuck and disappointed, I opted to get a few quotations from local contractors. The quotes I received were just outrageous!

At this point, I called a friend of mine who had some knowledge about remodeling garage space. He helped filter through different guides and videos and the results were just amazing.

Once I finished my degree, I resorted to providing accurate, verifiable, reliable information from firsthand experience.

And before I knew it, so many people were relying on my insights and DIY guides to transform their homes and spaces into fun places.

Today, three years later, what started as a volunteer effort has turned into a full-time job and my main source of income.

My insights, guides, tips, and reviews are all available for you for free. Garage spaces are fun places and need not be a source of headache and pain to anyone.

But with conflicting, unverified information being churned out daily to the internet, it’s imperative you stick around for authentic, accurate, and fun to read information to help you transform your garage space.

That’s why Today’s Garage Owner exists.

Whether you are a professional garage construction expert or you just want to have fun remodeling your garage space so your cars and other equipment can safely and neatly fit in your garage, this website is for you.

Mission Statement

My mission is to help you transform your garage space into a fun-filled, functional, and stress-relieving zone of your home.

How I Create Content

The content available in this space is verified as accurate, authentic, and reliable. The goal of all my content on this site is to educate you and provide you with a central place from where you can get trusted information about your garage.

If you feel stranded and not sure how to make your garage functional and fun, you’d love the content here.

If you are not sure about a particular product you wish to add, use or install in your garage, this site will benefit you a lot.

I produce a lot of content on every subject so you can understand it like you know your food (did I mention I’m a former hotelier… or that I love food?) ….or the back of your hand.

And because I love passing knowledge and grooming fellow garage space lovers, I have this blog as your source of authentic information.

I also occasionally enlist the services of freelancers to help create my content to meet the growing demand. That shouldn’t alarm you as I verify information shared, test every product personally, or use professionals of vetted skills level.

My Product Review Process

One of the reasons why you can fully trust the content on this website is because we are an independent lot, with no sponsorship of any kind.

That means all my reviews are never biased and if any product is recommended by me, due diligence has been conducted and that our research shows it will add value to your garage space.

We also compare our findings with other industry professionals to ensure consistency in truths, facts, and more.

As should be the norm, I test a good number of products before recommending them. Sometimes, I’m forced to book spaces in workshops so I can fully test the products.

For the few I’m unable to test personally, I review hundreds of available sources of information and vet the top-rated products that have been in the market for a while.

Consequently, this takes a lot of time! In fact, most of my articles take between 1-7 days to complete (research, writing, and editing). All this just so we can recommend the best products that deserve your money and attention.

Is todaysgrageowner.com for everybody?

YES! Knowing my background and what this has turned out to be in my life, it’s only reasonable to consider all my content consumers.

My content cuts across different needs- be it a professional, if you are looking to renovate your home or commercial garage space, or if you just want to have some fun in your garage.

Our guides and reviews are very rich in value.

And besides, even knowledge for knowledge’s sake is still beneficial. You can keep your contractors in line the next time you decide to go the contractor route.

All in all, todaysgarageowner.com will help you learn among other things:

  • How to choose the best garage door openers for all types of garage doors- heavy, 16-feet, etc.
  • How to accessorize your garage space, decorate it and bring in your personal touch to it.
  • How to save on money by using a few tricks and hacks commonly accepted across the industry
  • The best tools, products, and product add-ons you need for a functional, fun, and homely garage space
  • How to take advantage of the readily available resources when the contractor’s quotations make no sense at all (like in my case a few years ago).

That said, it’s time to dive in and enjoy some quality tutorials and product suggestions to make your garage space the best it can be. Don’t you think so?